Wildlife Sightings

Flora and Fauna sighted on safaris and around Dhole’s Den

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Sighting on 14.06.12

"Here's looking at you kid." Humphrey Bogart can turn in his grave, as these fine birds the Brown Fish Owl and Crested Sepent Eagle

No Teddy Bears these…

Teddy Bears one would think of when they see the smiling face of this dark andd handsome bear...Another set of photos for friends of Dhole's Den to enjoy

Calf rescued @ Dhole’s Den

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”   Thats what The Mahatma had to say on treatment to

Winter Visitors @ Bandipur

  Size : 20 cm. A Winter visitor to Central and South India. Grey and white, lacking any yellow or red in plumage. Spotted on 30th Jan 2012

2nd Dec 2011

She walked boldly in front of the Safari Vehicle giving a deep growl, scent marking twice in a span of 7 minutes probably looking out for her mate...

28th Nov 2011

Bandipur Memories through the Lens of Mr. Sharath Maheshwar   Our special thanks to Sharath sir for sending a bunch of lovely photograghs which he took during his

23rd Nov 2011

Finally, after a long gap, the Dominant Female was spotted continuously 3 times in consecutive Safaris...   Thanks to Ms. Kimberly Legelis and Cynthia Legelis for visiting Dhole's

29th Oct 2011

Wildlife Sightings: Elephants,Indian Gaurs,Smabar. Guests: Ms.Diana Westholm,Mr.Raghunandan & Group

Happy Birthday Shaka!

Our Kanni Male.. the one and only Shaka, the King of Dhole's Den turns 3 today and gets a mutton liver cake specially made for him. We need

7th Oct 2011

Wildlife Sightings: Tusker,Indian Gaur( 2 Herds & a Bull Gaur),Stripe Necked Mangoose Guests:Mr.Mark Donatelle,Ms.Sushma Kadoor

6th Oct 2011

Wildlife Sightings: Elephants,Indian Gaurs Guests: Mr.Shashank Luthra,Mr.Satinath Sarkar

3rd Oct 2011

Wildlife Sightings: Elephants,Indian Gaurs,Stripe Necked Mangoose Guests: Mr.James Cameroon  

4th Sep 2011

Wildlife Sightings: Elephants,Indian Gaurs,Heard the roar of Tiger for 15 mins behind the bush Guests: Mr.Rajesh

31st Aug 2011

Wildlife Sightings: Bull Gaur,Malabar Giant Squirill. Guests: Mr.Shabbir A.C,Ms.Nirupama. Driver: Sanjay.

27th Aug 2011

Wildlife Sightings: Indian Gaurs,Barking Deer,Peacocks. Guests: Mr.Deepak Sharma,Mr.Rohit Verma,Mr.Rakesh. Driver:Dinesh

20th Aug 2011

Wildlife Sightings: Indian Gaurs,Sambars. Guests: Mr.Shiv Bhaskar,Ms.Magali. Driver: Sanjay

19th Aug 2011

WIldlife Sightings: Indian Gaurs,Sambar Deers Guests: Mr.Jitendra P Rathod Driver: Sanjay

17th Aug 2011

WIldlife Sightings: Elephants(1 Herd),Indian Gaurs. Guests:Mr.Vaibhav Saraf Driver:Sanjay & Dinesh

16th Aug 2011

WIldlife Sightings: Elephants(1 Herd),Indian Gaurs,Sambar Deers,Serpent Eagle Guests:Mr.Vaibhav Saraf Driver:Dinesh

14th Aug 2011

Wildlife Sightings: Elephants,Indian gaurs Guests:Mr.Brian Geyer,Mr.Sujay Driver:Dinesh

13th Aug 2011

Wildlife Sightings: Indian Gaurs,Spotted Deers Guests:Mr.Brian Geyer,Mr.Kailash Satyarthi,Mr.Sandeep Chabria,Mr.Mikhil Patel. Driver:Sanjay & Dinesh.

12th Aug 2011

Wildlife Sightings: Indian Gaurs (Many Herds),Stripe necked Mangoose Guests: Mr.Sandeep Chabria,Mr.Mikhil Patel. Driver:Sanjay

11th Aug 2011

Wildlife Sightings:Wild Dogs(pack of two),Indian Gaurs Guests:Mr.Stephen Taylor,Mr.Eric Strong. Driver:Dinesh

10th Aug 2011

Wildlife Sightings(Morning Safari): Wild Dogs(pack of 2),Indian gaurs,Stripe necked mangoose. Guests:Mr.Ferry Mone,Mr.Siva Ganesh & Mr.Shaji Mathews. Driver: Dinesh

3rd August 2011

Wildlife Sightings:Indian gaurs 2 herds,sambar,spotted deers,stripe necked mangoose,streak throated woodpecker. Guests:Mr.Shabin Sarvotham Driver:Sanjay    

22nd July 2011

    Sighted Elephants,The shy Barking Deer & beautiful Golden Backed Woodpecker during evening safari,there were signs of Tiger movements as we traced foot prints on the safari road.

17th July 2011

Wildlife Sightings: Indian Gaur,Spotted Dears & Peafowls Guests:Ms.Melissa Damelio Driver:Sanjay

9th July 2011

Sightings during evening safari: Tusker,Indian Gaurs,Sambars Guests: Mr.Jagadish,Mr Gururaj. Driver:Sanjay

3rd July 2011

      Sightings for the Day:Indian Rock Python,Indian Gaur & Black Naped Hare. Guests:Ms.Nishita Shah. Driver:Sanjay

Sightings-29th June 2011

Sighted  Tiger with kill  &  Wild Dog  during  evening  safari Guest: Mr.C.S. Patil & Family Driver :Sunil         Photography by : Sunil

Sightings-11th June 2011

Signs of  Tiger  were very clear as we found scat on the game road,finally missed the sigting with a matter of 2 mins during morning safari with Mr.Mahendra

Sightings-27th May 2011

Beautiful leopard relaxing on a tree sighted for about 3 mins by Mr.Ravi,Mr.Kailas during morning safari,Safari Driver-Sunil,photo by Sunil

Sightings-25th May 2011

Glimpse of a tiger crossing the road & leopard at the same place,Elephants & Indian Gaurs during  evening safari with Mr.Kailas,Mr.Ravi,Mr.Ramesh & Mr.Mahendra.

Sightings-14th may 2011

Wild Dog & Changeable Hawk Eagle spotted during evening safari with Mr.Rohit Verma,Mr.Vasanth,Mr.Vinay & Mr.Laurent Candelier.Safari Driver-Sunil,Photos by PK.

Sightings-12th May 2011

Serpent Eagle,Tiger,Gaur & Indian Roller sighted during evening safari with Mr & Mrs.Ram Kohli,Safari Driver-Sunil,Photos by PK.

Sightings-7th May 2011

Leopard & Red Wattled Lapwing spotted during evening safari with Mr.Himanshu,Mr.Kiran Gopinath & Mr.Gunavanth davey,Safari Driver-Sunil,Photos By Pk.

Sightings-1st May 2011

Changeable Hawk Eagle & Three striped palm Squirrel spotted during morning safari with Mr.Sandeep Mukherjee,Mr.Rohit Verma & Mr.Vijay Kumar,safari driver-Sunil,Photo by PK.

Sightings 24th April 2011

Sighted  Monitor Lizard & Crested Serpent Eagle during morning safari With Mr.Vishwanathan & Mr.Hrishikesh Sabnis,Safari Driver-Sanjay,Photo by PK.

Sightings 4th April 2011

Common Grey langur,During evening safari with Sabari Vasa & Mr.Vishnu Prasad,Photo by PK. Sighted during morning safari with Mr.Sabari Vasa,Photographed By Sunil. Monitor

Sighting on 17.03.2011

A male Dhole on the safari with Mr.David,Ian & Thomas... Its always great to see our mascot in the park. Safari Driver-Sunil,Photographed by PK.