Adieu King Shaka


Friends of Dhole's Den, Since 8 years and more you have turned and many have even wondered before they were our guests at our homestay about the fact that our signboards said: The Land of

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Lessons in Humility


For two weeks now my world is a room in our townhouse in Mysore. After a fall caused by a fit of anger that rose unnecessarily from the shallowness of an instant in which an

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Happy Birthday Shakaboy!


  An Excerpt from: A King called Shaka... The next day started early. The car to take me and my business partner Gokul to Bandipur arrived early and we drove away towards our new home.

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A King called Shaka


To Shaka on his 6th Birthday... It was October 2009 and I was back from my last trip to India where in the jungles of Bandipur a new safari lodge of a different kind was

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Dhole’s Den @ 5


Greetings from Dhole’s Den Bandipur! We are glad to share that Dhole’s Den turns five this year. It was sometime in April-May 2009 that the last but key portions of our operations were put in

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Happy Birthday Shaka!


Our Kanni Male.. the one and only Shaka, the King of Dhole's Den turns 3 today and gets a mutton liver cake specially made for him. We need to hold him as you know what

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