Zulu my love, my world…


To Zulu on her ninth birthday…. My daughter, I take the liberty to address you so as there are people who understand the underlying feeling in my calling you the daughter of the

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Leave only footprints behind…


Dear Friends, running a boutique homestay and living there in the jungle where tigers roam, tourists flock to see  the fauna that Bandipur has to show and our guests enjoy the myriad hues of the

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Naming the Trees


What does one do in Summer Holidays?  Some learn to swim, some take on photography as a hobby and some others go on a Holiday... The children of the Mangala

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Dhole’s Den @ 5


Greetings from Dhole’s Den Bandipur! We are glad to share that Dhole’s Den turns five this year. It was sometime in April-May 2009 that the last but key portions of our operations were put in

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Dhole’s Den is 5 and here is our Calendar…


Dear Friends of Dhole's Den, You must be wondering why a calendar Comes so late into February. The reason is we deliberately wanted to time it with our 5th anniversary. It was on 14th February

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Our Reservoir is full


Friends of Dhole's Den, thanks to the comparatively better monsoon and the benevolent rain gods our fresh water reservoir at Dhole's Den has filled and actually overflowed. All the water coming

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Camp @ Dhole’s Den is open…


  How about pitching your own tent at the premises in Dhole’s Den? A Chance to stay out in the open and have a puristic experience. Guests of this facility can either bring in their

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A Very Happy Ugadi to everybody..


We had a New visitor to our Bird-bath this morning. My Chef had a belief that Rabbits/Hares do not drink water directly from a big water source such as Waterholes, Ponds or lakes and fullfil

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