Machan & Hut at Dhole’s Den


We have a Machaan. Made out of Bamboo that is about 30 years old is the best example of recycling. A small team of two from the tribal hamlet worked meticulously on this so that the least number of nails are pierced into the tree.

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KCI Dog Show 2013


Jabu and Simba participated at the Dog Show held recently at Mysore and won Best of Breed medals. Jabu is already aChampion and Simba is on his way to be a Champion. And

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A private Celebration…


  Mr. & Mrs. Ravi R. visited us top celebrate an important date: Their Anniversary. Though they didnt make it to the Bandipur gate in time and were forced to spend the first evening in

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In Memoriam Rex Brownie


  It was a difficult 2010 with the year ending on a bad note and taste when I stumbled upon adopting you from my dear friend Nagesh. I had always seen you from a distance

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