Zulu my love, my world…


To Zulu on her ninth birthday…. My daughter, I take the liberty to address you so as there are people who understand the underlying feeling in my calling you the daughter of the

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From a young guest…


A young spirited guest Iraaj Mohan who stayed with us last month had the following to write back about us. I am quoting him and putting some images of him walking with our hound Jabu.

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Adieu King Shaka


Friends of Dhole's Den, Since 8 years and more you have turned and many have even wondered before they were our guests at our homestay about the fact that our signboards said: The Land of

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Lessons in Humility


For two weeks now my world is a room in our townhouse in Mysore. After a fall caused by a fit of anger that rose unnecessarily from the shallowness of an instant in which an

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Baby’s got beautiful eyes…


Dear Friends, It was 2013 when the charming couple Ravi and Payal graced Dhole's Den with a visit. https://blog.dholesden.com/a-private-celebration/ Then I had written about it.  Now some days ago, I happened to meet Mr. Ravi

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Dear Friends, I came across an article published by a friend of Dhole's Den Research Foundation which we actively support. Mr. R.K. Rao has been active in deciding what is done under the aegis of


Happy Birthday Shakaboy!


  An Excerpt from: A King called Shaka... The next day started early. The car to take me and my business partner Gokul to Bandipur arrived early and we drove away towards our new home.

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Inspiring visitors at Dhole’s Den


Dear Friends, we had an inspiring visitor to Dhole's Den Bandipur.  The lady 76 years old was travelling with three nurses. She had booked a 10 -11 day Kerala Karnataka Tour with our travel company

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