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Adieu King Shaka


Friends of Dhole's Den, Since 8 years and more you have turned and many have even wondered before they were our guests at our homestay about the fact that our signboards said: The Land of

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Lessons in Humility


For two weeks now my world is a room in our townhouse in Mysore. After a fall caused by a fit of anger that rose unnecessarily from the shallowness of an instant in which an

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Baby’s got beautiful eyes…


Dear Friends, It was 2013 when the charming couple Ravi and Payal graced Dhole's Den with a visit. http://blog.dholesden.com/a-private-celebration/ Then I had written about it.  Now some days ago, I happened to meet Mr. Ravi

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Dear Friends, I came across an article published by a friend of Dhole's Den Research Foundation which we actively support. Mr. R.K. Rao has been active in deciding what is done under the aegis of

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Happy Birthday Shakaboy!


  An Excerpt from: A King called Shaka... The next day started early. The car to take me and my business partner Gokul to Bandipur arrived early and we drove away towards our new home.

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Happy Birthday Zulu!


To Zulu on her Sixth Birthday! It was a slightly nippy early April night, when we going to bed and your sleeping basket placed right next to us. You were new into our family. Shaka was in his basket getting ready to sleep too. We tucked you in after you refused a couple of times to choose the basket. We turned off the lights, that instant both of you jumped into our bed, and we were lazy enough not to get up and turn the light on. It has been so since then. You have shared our bed naturally as if there was no other place that would be right.

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Machan & Hut at Dhole’s Den


We have a Machaan. Made out of Bamboo that is about 30 years old is the best example of recycling. A small team of two from the tribal hamlet worked meticulously on this so that the least number of nails are pierced into the tree.

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A King called Shaka


To Shaka on his 6th Birthday... It was October 2009 and I was back from my last trip to India where in the jungles of Bandipur a new safari lodge of a different kind was

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