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Adieu King Shaka

Friends of Dhole’s Den,

Since 8 years and more you have turned and many have even wondered before they were our guests at our homestay about the fact that our signboards said: The Land of Shaka & Zulu..

Those who stayed with us met him Shaka the King of Dhole’s Den and his beautiful partner Zulu at our home.

Shaka and Zulu have shared our bed since they were pups and I fell asleep at the most difficult of times in life knowing wel he was by my side. He walked and stood right next to me and protected us always. His manners were exemplary as he sat just as a royal hound would do.

Now since 24th of April the howl that was the distinct one in the song that was usually started by Zulu and her sons has gone silent. My boy, my companion for 8 years and more is no more. He succumed to chronic kidney failure and I know now what loss is as I sit by his grave and ponder upon the times that have gone by. His last resting place is the place where we spent evenings together looking at the sunset and he was all ears for a word or move from me. Our family isnt the same any more and a piece of me seems to have been suddenly taken away and a heaviness that cast its sudden burden on our hearts has left us asking many questions for which we are yet to find answers.

It wasn’t meant to be that we have enough time with him and its so sad that dogs many times go away just too early from our lives and make us realise how fragile our hearts can be.

His spirit but according to me lives on on the grounds of Dhole’s Den and I still see him around me and everytime I happen to call out for some peace that I may work I still say: Shaka Papa needs to work… but I know well he wont be back and I can only see him in the two wonderful boys that he has sired. Shaka was my first dog, he was the one who made me his own, loved me unconditionally, walked by our side every day and also on the day he passed into a different world where I cant accompany him for now atleast…

Thereare so many stories that I can share and have shared earlier for those who wished to read them or talk to us about the two hounds who made Dhole’s Den their home and made it home for us. In his attitude Shaka was King, he never chased chicken, nor squirrels not even a dragon fly was at the mercy of his paw. His story is not the story of his passing into another realm and plane but his story as I wish to share it will be how he lived and conquered us all with his love…

Adieu my boy, mein Augapfel, my pride…my love…

So much from us today…

Best Wishes



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